When Class is just CLASS!

On Saturday afternoon the footy world saw what class and integrity really is and showed the true meaning of what the game was all about RESPECT!  Carlton’s AFLW game against Brisbane Lions was a great showcase of the growth of women’s footy.  For Carlton, it was how the players did not give up and put their bodies on the line when it counted.

If you haven’t seen the amazing Tayla Harris blitz Kate Lutkins early in the third quarter, do yourself a favour and watch it.  It was the epitome of how far the women’s game has come in three short years and the skills these players are gaining.  Prespakis with 27-disposals; Walker with two quick goals and youngster Abbie McKay developing into a gun of a player.  But for me, it was the clash between BL Kate McCarthy and Carlton’s Jess Hosking that was the real cherry on the icing.

During the third quarter, McCarthy was forced off the field as she was trying to tackle Jess Hosking, who did get free from her, but it ended up with McCarthy suffering a broken nose.  Yet Jess, after the play stopped a little bit, turned around and went up to McCarthy, shaking her hand.  She did not have to do that, she could have just turned away and continued to set up her position, she didn’t.

Hosking CS

Then we turn to the men ‘s team. I’m not talking about the JLT game, I’m talking about a player who had an opportunity to seek success at another club yet chose to stay with a club that has been his life since getting drafted.  Marc Murphy stepped down from being the Captain to allow both Docher’s and Crippa to step in, while all along being a staunch, experienced senior player in the Leadership Group.  His integrity and respect not only for the club but for the playing group is incredible.

Murph 120319

What this club is now becoming in terms of the culture it is growing at the club on all levels, is something that is all class.  The way both teams are going about their way of development is something that had been missing at the club years ago, before Bolts.  Sure, there are areas that need tweaking, but nothing is achieved over-night.

Both Jess Hosking and Marc Murphy are prime examples of RESPECT and integrity, but more than that they are the epitome of class! With that underlying culture at the club, the only way now is the steady climb back to the top – on all levels.