Gutted! Angry! But…

After the debacle of a match on Sunday, I have been struggling to understand the ‘why?’. Why did it happen given the previous matches? I just sat there with others and we just could not understand what was happening. Given the response by the club and the team, I know that they are feeling just as confused and angry as we are.  So, in true form of the previous article, here is my response.

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Dear Carlton Football Club,

I don’t understand what happened at the game against a team that in all respects, we should have won. Now I understand that with four players of senior expertise and experience, did not play – Kreuz, Simmo, Brackets and Neuman, that our midfield and backline, even our forward line, was going to suffer, but not to that extent.

I struggled to comprehend how it happened. Then came the barrage of social media abuse and comments and calls to sack Bolton and the Board, when only a few weeks ago, these same people said nothing. They did not praise Bolt or the Board when we beat the Bulldogs, they were silent. It seems that the only time they stand up is when there is something negative to say about the club, its direction and its current situation.

Now I understand what is going on at the club and what everyone is trying to build, it doesn’t mean I feel disappointed with the outcome on the weekend, or angry, but I understand. I understand that the club is trying to build depth and a winning attitude and to play the game their way – aggressive, dynamic, strong and determined footy.  It didn’t on the weekend, the team played scared.

Then came the barrage of comments from the media, the so-called experts of the game, when for the most part, they are really batting to their own tune, their own agenda’s.  The audacity for some to suggest that they know and understand what is required and needed in a club where they have no inside knowledge or understanding and their sole purpose is to get more ‘likes’ on social media or more ‘comments’ made.  To make the ‘news’ so they can seem to be clever or knowledgeable to their peers, and those that believe in what they say as being gospel and to disparage the team and the club at any opportunity.

So, where do you go from here?  So, for me, here is what I want.  I want the team to know that there are those in the footy world that understand what the club is endeavouring to build, from the ground up. I want the team to know that despite this horrific weekend and the pain that they must feel, that this must spur them on this upcoming weekend.  I want the team to know that even though they are sitting near the bottom, it makes no difference where our opponent sits, it is up to them, the players, to make a stand and literally say, (pardon the language) ‘fuck ‘em.’

I want the players to know that from the first bounce of the ball at the game against Collingwood, the past has gone, what we own is now.  That it is up to us, the players to determine the outcome.  I want them to know that at the end of the game, no matter what they gave it everything. That from now on, the game against North Melbourne will never occur again.

If they do that if they promise that to the supporters, I can guarantee, that in the end, success will come. But you have got to want it, not just ‘jog along’ as some players did. I don’t want to again feel the way I felt last weekend and I’m sure you don’t either – but it’s all up to you, the players to make that decision, we the supporters, can only watch.

I was told last week, that people love my positivity, my optimism.  Some have even said that it is naïve and misplaced, but I don’t believe that negativity achieves anything other than more negativity and it is definitely not misplaced.  I am a passionate and proud Carlton member and will continue to be so, but I don’t really want another repeat of last weekend.