While one season started, sweltering under the summer sun,

The joys that this brought can never be undone.

Seeing the girls in all their mastery, and majestic ways,

Made us all the more excited for the middle of March, and the start of AFL days.

It begins on the Sunday before, filled with excitement and anticipation.

I would go to sleep knowing that tomorrow I would be swinging into action.

Monday I would bring out my bag, making sure that all was in place.

My memberships ready to go, my beanie, scarf, and raincoat, just in case.

The media would be filled with what will be ahead, the start of this great six months.

Social media ablaze, the pros, cons, the speculations, bombard us on all fronts.

On Tuesday I would head to work, greet those who like me are eager and in the know

Of the importance of what is to come today, tomorrow.

On Wednesday the nerves would rise just thinking about the next 24 hours,

And how the start of this time, is not just mine, but ours.

Thursday would arrive and my concentration would be waning fast.

The time had arrived, the summer-long gone and well in the past.

That afternoon I would be heading to the ground early, for Cheer Squad duties follow,

And I would join in with placing flags, organizing the banner and be anything but mellow.

The Siren would blast, the cheer would roar and my emotions would be spilling over.

The long wait for this time to arrive, the love we have for our club, would all bring us a little bit closer.

But 2020 was not to be, and it is out of our control.

For a virus has shut the door to all of this and we are hurting, as an industry, as a whole.

For we cannot join in the melee that is the start of the AFL season, a sport that I love and adore.

I can’t be part of a world that is so uniquely ours and one that shapes our every contour.

But I may not be there to scream and cheer, and high-five supporters and players alike.

But I will be damned if I will let this interruption encroach on my excitement with this bloody virus strike.

So, join me when your team plays, wear your guernsey’s with pride and passion,

And let the players know that this will not deter us at all, in any way or fashion.

No matter where you watch, yell at the screen, curse the umps, scream out ‘ball’ and jump for joy when six points are scored.

Let the players know, female and male, that the grounds may be silent, but we are still and will always be on board.

As the siren sounds on Sunday night, then Thursday night next, hashtag the words #IAMTHERE and show your colors with pride.

Let the footy world know that we are united, so together, with all of us, we are with you on this very bumpy ride!