Heartbroken…but so damn proud!

We are all still quite raw in terms of our emotional reaction after the result of the Carlton game on the weekend.  I know that on Monday, I could not and as a side note, I still cannot, watch or even listen to the commentary about the game. (David King’s comments about the game is laughable, by the way. Because I don’t subscribe to take much notice from commentators who literally only post for one reason – to promote themselves and make themselves relevant).

It still cuts a little too deep.  It is not because we lost, as we played a game where most thought, we had no chance against what is the top team, and we were given very little or no chance in even coming close, in terms of the final score.  We not only came close, but the game was lost in the very final moments of the game. 

I was heartbroken because for a team that no-one gave much hope for this year is proving to be anything but ‘no hope’. I was heartbroken because this year, the players have swept away the darken cobwebs left over from previous years, and shown the footy world, that the Carlton FC is coming out of the doldrums, and forging ahead a new era of the Navy Blue!

In previous years, we would not have played the way we played over the weekend. We would have dropped our heads and mindset and not be competitive at all. This year we are seeing a stark difference in not only our game plan, but in our mindset of what is achievable, even when the scoreboard is not where we want it to be. 

In the past we would have been thrashed, and most thought we would be. They were all wrong. We fought in every quarter and what let us down was, well, inexperience. When at the final siren Robbie Gray did what Robbie Gray does, and kicked the goal that sealed Port Adelaide’s win, I was devastated, but so darn proud of the team. 

All week I said all I wanted to see was a concerted effort to take the game on. To not be complacent, to fight from the first bounce to the last, and while for a time in the first quarter, it seems that we were not focused, our first goal, was just the lift we needed and the pressure was on, for both sides.

You could have been mistaken that this game was two of the top teams playing against each other, that was how incredible this game was and how this Carlton team showed what they are going to be capable of.  

We are not the team that is floundering this year, we are a team that is steadily growing, developing and become a team that everyone will second guess what outcomes will present itself on game day. We must not dwell on the ‘what-if’s’ of the game over the weekend, we have to look at the ‘what-can-be’. Because what can be is bloody well exciting.

The more games we are playing the better we are becoming. The more game experience our younger players are getting with each and every match, the better we are becoming.  We will learn from the inexperienced mistakes made in this game, and become a better, stronger and more focused team when the same scenario presents itself in future games. 

I am damn proud of the team after that game. I am still feeling a little heartbroken, but that is only because I want the footy world to know what the future holds for this team and what achievements they will succeed in bringing. Even though our lack of experience in knowing what to do when a game gets this way, was devastating, how can we not be excited about the future?

It is time to push aside the game on the weekend, and concentrate on the next match/es. If we happen to meet up again with Port Adelaide because we have made it to the top 8 at the end of this rather difficult season, then the same mistakes will not happen again. 

At the end of the day, what you take from setbacks will only make you understand what needs to be done to ensure that these same setbacks don’t happen again. The little bubble of what is possible this season, is becoming a rather big one and its going to explode and when it does…watch out! WE ARE THE NAVY BLUES!

I am damn proud to be a Carlton supporter!