There is no question about timing…(Rant)

(Disclosure: this a quote I found; Crippa did not state this)

I was perusing today’s Age and came across an article written by Peter Ryan with the headline “Timing of Blues Presidency Questioned”. At the end of last year, I decided to take what was written about Carlton with skepticism, looking who wrote it and its content. So, after reading the article, I didn’t have to go further than the first paragraph, to murmur to myself, “typical”. Then after reading it, I began to get angry, really, really angry, because what I don’t like is people such as the person being written about using their “connections” to enhance their agenda and put supporters down in a way that this person does. Let me clarify.

I have been to quite a number of the club’s AGM, and there are a group of people who say that same thing every year and directed at the club’s Board and President. They say that they speak for the club’s membership when I have never met them nor spoken to them, yet they have the gall to say they speak on my behalf. Their comments and their diatribe of garbage are consistently destructive, and they simply do not listen, nor do they want to hear what others say if what they are saying is the direct opposite of their views. I know from first-hand that when I had the mic at a meeting, I wanted to ask a question and was interrupted by this same group. I turned around and said in front of everyone, “I did not interrupt you when you spoke, so do me the same courtesy and don’t interrupt me!”

A few years ago, I was “booted” from a social media group because I disagreed, respectfully, with the person running the group. What angered me was that this person had the arrogance to believe that their viewpoint was the only one and that no one should or must disagree with that. The same is here in the article in The Age, where the story written about has the same underlying agenda – to promote this person’s belief and viewpoint as the only legitimate one. We, the supporters, have been fooled, duped, misled and so on.

What this person and the writer of this article is trying to push is an agenda to cause uncertainty and suspicion at a club that is finally, after a long time, trying to promote unity, stability and hopefully – success. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these people have your best interests at heart or the club’s – they don’t. They have their interests at heart, simple. They have their arrogant agenda at heart, simple.

They say that Carlton has been a dud club for some time, where we need to sweep out the club’s inner workings from the coaches to the administrators and start again! They obviously do not have the club’s best interest at heart, for they do not see what over a history-making 80,000 members are seeing.

We have a coach who has been on the job as a senior one for just over one year! He began his senior coaching role in a year that was anything but normal. Yet he came through it, finishing the team higher than anyone really expected. Now, after six rounds, there are calls to get rid of him. It took Clarko ten years to win a Premiership. It took Hardwick six years to win a Premiership, yet we are asking our senior coach to do that in one and half years!

The President of Carlton, The Board and the CEO have brought Carlton not only out of debt but a flourishing membership and a development of a ground to be one that should be celebrated, not ridiculed. To say that LoGiudice’s stepping down from the role as Presidency is suspicious is ludicrous. We have always wanted the club to be transparent and open, to inform us, which is precisely what they have done. They have let us know who will be stepping in as President so we, the members, can get to know him. What the hell is wrong with that?

The person mentioned in this article has been unsuccessful in his bid to get on to the Board, not by the Board, but by the members. Not by a small margin, but by an overwhelming majority. It is time to for this person to stop with his agenda and that of his cronies. It is time to stop being in cohorts with a journalist who sees this as an attention-grabbing article instead of legitimate journalism. If the journalist wants a rational piece, then do us a favor and speak to those members who are sick of people like the one mentioned in the article of their continual, well, bullshit.

By the way, if this person ever gets to be close to being on the Board or as President, then watch out, because I will be fighting you all the way. Take your negativity and destructive agenda somewhere else because we are starting a journey of success. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen, but not with you and your cronies at the helm.

(Rant over!)