Dear Carlton FC Board & Admins, Members & Supporters.

I read somewhere that fate is always open to negotiation and that destiny is just what you run into when you run out of willpower. It got me thinking about the rumours, the various diatribe emanating from so-called “experts” and media “commentators.” Here, right now, the Carlton FC will determine its fate for the future. It is here and now where the Board will determine what our destiny will be, and it beggars the question: will they run out of willpower?

I know for a fact that I will get lambasted, laughed at, ridiculed, and for some, they will resort to name-calling. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really care what they think or say. I’ve seen people say and post one thing, then post and say the complete opposite a week later. I’ve seen people post and say what they know as fact, which turns out to be anything but fact. So, here goes…

I am sick and tired of the constant need for quick fixes from the Carlton FC and the need for the Board and the Admins to believe that this will make the club successful again. Let’s put this scenario here…we get rid of David Teague, get someone else (and it won’t be Alistair Clarkson), and they, in turn, don’t turn the club around, so we go through the same process again, and again, and again. This becomes the culture of our club and, for that matter, a true reflection of who we are as an organization. We become a club that is a culture of being obnoxious, arrogant and a deep-seated belief that one day we will get the success we want; we just have to keep hiring and firing when our fate and destiny become too hard to overcome. We are not and will never, ever be the club that we were during our glory days! We cannot and will never go back to that time because the world has changed, the footy world has changed. So we have to now re-write our fate and destiny, and that involves a willpower that we don’t seem to have – on many levels.

I have stated and will continue to say that David Teague will be the coach to get us to the point that we want – success. But, and here is the but, he needs to have the support of assistant coaches that will assist him in this, and right now, except for Luke Power and Mathew Kreuzer, we do not. But if the Board decides based on the review that we will once more go down the path of sacking a coach before his time, given that they decided to hire him, they will show their weakness as they will have run out of willpower and believe that quick fixes are the culture of the club.

Categorically you cannot say that what happened over the weekend is all on the coach. I don’t care what others say; none of them has a direct ear or line to the club. They never have, and they never will. The players have to and must take full ownership of that performance. To say that Teague got out-coached is ridiculous. The players got out-played. There are players on the field who just did not step up or step in. They reverted back to displaying a fear of, well, the game. That is not on the coach!

I am angry, very angry, but not at the coach or most of the players. I’m more infuriated that there is a suggestion that we will once more go down the path of quick fixes and determine our destiny once more on this. Alistair Clarkson did not come into Hawthorn as a guaranteed successful coach. It took him two whole years to mold the team and those behind him to turn the team around and become a success. It took Damian Hardwick eight years to win a Premiership. After his first three years as a coach, he was given a two-year extension. In all that time, in 2010 they finished fifteenth. Over the next two years, they continued to improve. Their first finals since 2001 came in 2013. That is four years after he was hired and he didn’t win the club a Premiership until 2017, yet we are asking David Teague to achieve this in just one and half years!

The suggestion that the players have lost confidence in their coach comes from those in the media, those commentators who think they have an insight into a club when they do not. Jacob Weitering said after the game against Collingwood that the players are behind the coach and do not focus on the noise outside of the club. I would suggest we should, but that is something that, for some, won’t happen.

If we continue to have these knee-jerk reactions when the team is not going the way we expect them to go without considering other factors, then we will never be a successful club. We will never become what we all want the club to become because we just don’t have the willpower to shape our destiny. After all, when the going gets tough, the weak just walk away or, in this case, push aside and look once more for a quick fix.

Our fate is open for negotiation, and that depends on the strength of our resolve and willpower to not let quick fixes determine our destiny. I will lose respect for those who believe that this is the path to go down continually, as we have done over the past twenty years or so. I will lose confidence that those who should know better just don’t.

I am 100% behind David Teague and allowing him to run through the process he has been hired to do. I understand that there will be times when what happened on the weekend will send us spiraling down, but I also know that there will be times when we are up against the wall, and we turn it around. But I will not and never will subscribe to negotiating our fate on quick fixes. Our destiny is in the hands of the entire Carlton FC, and we should have the willpower to determine what that will be by not continually looking for quick fixes and hoping that others will be more successful.

Always #GOBLUES!