Dear Carlton FC

I am more angry than you can imagine and it is not solely directed at the players and the coaches; it is more directed at those that believe in their own hype that they are the heartbeat of a club that has a history that is bigger than us all. They are the ones that are damaging this history with their self-importance belief that it is they who have the best interests of the club at heart and, with that, the members. They don’t. Not now. Maybe you never did.

Culture is pivotal in determining what an organization stands for and whether it will be a success or not. It is the very essence of all components of the organization working and supporting each other to ensure that success is not only forthcoming but maintained for a long time. This consistency in every element working together makes for a culture not only of success but breeds a mentality for success. We do not have that right now, and it makes me think that maybe we never did, and this makes me angry, very, very angry, and for the record, for those who really know me, I don’t get angry very often. But this has sent me across a line I rarely step over.

I was asked a question over the weekend, purely hypothetical. If David Teague was sacked and Alistair Clarkson was hired, and the current Board apologized, the CEO apologized and assured us that things would change, would you accept it? My answer was and still is categorically – NO! I am tired of platitudes, of verbal confirmation of supposed actions that just don’t happen. I have been supportive of those that should know better even if they strut around with an air of arrogance and have ignored the very essence of what our club is – the intelligence of its members.

You, the Board and those in charge at the Admin level need to take full responsibility for what is happening at our club. You have failed the stakeholders of this club, the members. Here’s why. You have constantly gone down the path of quick fixes based on appointments and decisions you have made. You have ruined the growth of this club because you have assumed the persona of arrogance and bullishness rather than humility and respect. You arrogantly believe that you hold the club in the palm of your hands to mold and shape as you see fit. We have no culture in our club that could propel us to success, only a culture of arrogance and quick fixes that only leads to failure, which you have delivered.

You cannot honestly believe that what you have done over the years has been anything short of successful on the field? Sure, you have managed to get the club out of debt, but you have taken this arrogance of your success in this area to the department of football at the club, and you have failed abysmally.

If you decide to get rid of yet another coach, what makes you so sure that the next one won’t suffer the same fate should that coach’s abilities prove not what you are looking for? Do we believe you when you say it won’t happen? Do we still support you when you say it won’t happen? I, for one, cannot.

I knew that after the first few minutes of the game, we would not win. There was no real heart to play this game that was on display last week. Does this have to fall on the shoulders of the coaches? The players? In some respects, yes, but you, the Board, the Admins must take responsibility for creating an environment that is not what the Carlton FC’s history has been. You have damaged the brand to the point where I don’t believe in your ability to change that. Because you don’t have my trust, and you don’t have my faith.

You have created a disconnect between the members and the club at a time when a connection is vital in our community. You have broken this connection because you have taken us all for granted and believed in your own arrogance.

I will say this again – I do believe in David Teague I always have since I first had a conversation with him a few years ago. I do believe that if we want to fix the underlying culture in our club, you, the Board and the Admin’s have to take full responsibility for what has happened this year and step away. No coach, whoever comes in, will ever achieve any semblance of success if they know that the same people who have given the club many quick fixes could go after them.

This year has shown me that there are those who say and do and those that just say. I’m going with the say and do and will fight for this club to regain its culture of success and stand with those who also want this. I can no longer stand with those who have no interest in speaking to its stakeholders, who have no interest in meeting with their stakeholders, and who believe in their own arrogance.

I love this club and always will, but I won’t do it in silence anymore.

Yours sincerely
A Member of the Carlton FC.