Congratulations Mr Voss…but…

Image courtesy of Carlton FC

The announcement that after weeks of speculation and posturing, Carlton FC has now confirmed the appointment of Michael Voss as senior Coach. With the appointment of Brian Cook as the new CEO and the sacking of some of the assistant coaches, it seems that on the surface, Carlton has come out and made a statement that should lead them into future successes.

While I congratulate the club for getting Brian Cook and the appointment of Michael Voss, I will not be one of those people who will jump up and down right now. I have been down that path before, and I will reserve my judgement and excitement until mid-way next season when we should hopefully see the fruits of what has transpired since the Bye this year.

I will respectfully support the new coach and get behind him to achieve what he and the club want to achieve, but I will not be one that will be thrilled. I need to see results. I will not listen to anyone who says they can guarantee that we will get better because I’m tired of talk. I want to see action. I will not be one that will blindly follow rhetoric for the sake of it.

I have the right to support the club, and I will with the same passion and vigour that I always have done, but it will be with some trepidation. If I’m proven that the changes made at the club will ensure success, then and only then will I get excited. But the process of how we got to where we are has shown me the true nature of some, and I cannot forget that.

Over the past months, I have seen how what has transpired has seen ego’s being stroked and blind following without rationality. I have seen and read those who just cannot accept that others have a right to a different view and opinion. Irrespective of where you sit, everyone has the right to disagree. It is how this disagreement gets communicated that shows the true nature of someone.

I would like to say congratulations to Michael Voss for becoming the coach of Carlton FC. I wish you nothing but success, and I really hope you can turn this club around. I will not pressure you to insist that in 2022 you have to take the team to the top 8. Work through the issues, come up with solutions, and ensure that together with Brian Cook and whoever is there to support you does just that – support you. I hope in season 2022, the club turns a corner for the better, but given what has transpired over the past ten years, I am entitled to reserve my final judgement.

Congratulations Michael Voss.