Chill Out!

It seems that panic has set in with some supporters. The only player who can get us that winning feeling and fire on the field is out for about four weeks. He will miss the first two weeks of the 2022 season as he recovers from a syndesmosis ankle injury that requires surgery.

The rate of doom and gloom bombarded social media, and some have said it will take three months for him to recover fully. For them, let’s throw in the towel now because, without this player, we are nothing. Carlton will never succeed. I call it ‘bullshit’.

If we are a team that relies solely on one player and one player only, then we will never be a successful side. If any sports team pins their success on one player only, they will not succeed.

If a team has no depth in their playing field of players, they do not deserve success. No team can achieve what they want without depth in their playing group, no matter where or what. Will the absence of Sam Walsh create a hole in the side? For sure. But is that hole unfixable…nope! I can assure you that Sam Walsh being Sam Walsh, knows that no-one is indispensable and will support the team from the sides until he can get fit and ready to take the field again.

Any logical sports supporter of any sport knows that even great players will suffer an injury at some point in their career. It is how they attack their recovery, and their focus will determine how they will come back to the sport and the team with a vigor and strength that will make the hole they left one that only enhances their success.

Stop with the panic. Understand that if we are a club that only believes that without a great player such as Sam Walsh, we are nothing, what does that say about the rest of the team and players?

We have to have depth in our playing group to allow that it is inevitable that top players will get injured, and it is up to the club to ensure that we have this depth that will, for now, fill in the void left. Sure it will be hard to fill, but that makes a great team even more incredible. The knowledge that a fringe player or new recruit can step up and step in and try and be that player who, for now, play the role that Sam Walsh plays. Without a doubt, it would be what he would want. He is only 21 years old. He is a team player and not out for his own selfish needs. This is shown in how he has re-committed to the club for another four years and not sought out other clubs, more successful clubs. He believes in this club and the players, and we should as well.

Also, it is not better to have this sort of injury now rather than in the middle of the season?

Stop running around as if the world has come to an end because one of our players has an injury, which means that we will falter at the bottom once more. Sure, he will be missed, but does this not give others a chance to show why we choose them to represent our club? That we can be a successful team even if a star player is out injured for a short while. That we have depth in our playing group. That is what makes a successful team, not focusing on one player to ensure that success.

Speedy recovery Sam Walsh! Looking forward to you burning up the field when you get back!