Dear Mr Voss!

Photo courtesy of Carlton FC

Dear Mr Voss

Today I read in the Herald Sun an article written by Robbo. I read it with interest and gained a bit of respect for you and what you have gone through and achieved. I must say that I was impressed with your candour and your honesty.

I would have to say, Mr Voss, that I have been a bit sceptical in the past months when it comes to the progress of the Carlton FC and what transpired last year. It left me reeling as I felt that once more, the club with probably one of the richest histories in the game went down the path that it had gone down for the past ten years with regards to coaches.

I felt dismayed that what happened last year has the potential to happen again. I’m not going to mince words on this, and it is still a fear that I have and a sense of no real confidence in this respect.

However, the article has given me a small step in hoping that things have changed and that you are the person to lead this. I greatly admire those who pull themselves out from the depths of despair, admit their failings and failures, and do something about them. I have great respect and admiration for what you have achieved since you were fired from the Brisbane Lions as a coach.

You articulated what you felt and how it made you feel, but you decided not to give up and instead swallowed your pride and took on the role at Port Adelaide under Ken Hinkley. Given what Port’s players have said about you and who you were as captain of the Brisbane Lions during their three Premierships, I am starting to believe that you may be the hope that Carlton has been looking for since Brett Ratten.

Yet you will, of course, understand why I have some trepidation regarding the administrators of Carlton FC because we have gone down this path far too many times in the past ten years. I have seen social media ablaze with disturbing and insulting comments directed at previous people from Carlton and those still at the club. I have no respect for those who believe in a cause and then disregard that cause to suit their agendas.

You can understand that some cannot see past what has transpired over ten years and firmly believe that words will not satisfy unless they are backed up by action.

Over the past months, social media has been full of those who say if you disagree with what has gone on at the club or see the changes with some doubt, you are not real supporters. They have been called names and had attacks on them because of their scepticism. I am sure that you can understand, Mr Voss, how some have come to this point of whether they believe or not because you have had to pick yourself up and start again but have done so with support and action. This is what I got from the article and what has given me that slight glimmer of hope that it will be different this time.

After reading the article, I have gained some hope, and I know that you will accept that this hope comes with a bit of doubt as well. As you have done so in the past, I know that you will be fighting and showing what you can achieve by sheer tenacity, and Carlton will be great again. After reading the article and what you have gone through, your motivation to not fail again spurs you on and given your playing history, I believe that it can be done.

The excitement you are showing with every interview indicates that you will not let this opportunity fail you again. That you have learnt what went wrong and not make the same mistakes again. I have gained more respect for you from your honesty, but I am sure you will allow me to harbour a little bit of doubt.

But I congratulate you on this article and what you have done to get yourself back into a sport you love. I have the utmost respect and admiration for that, and I look forward to seeing you succeed because I believe those who come from the bottom, shake off the past and pursue success with a renewed vigour and understanding will achieve what they want. I hope you do too.

Carlton FC Member