Seek validation from the club!

Photo courtesy of AFL

Without a doubt, all Carlton supporters are floating on a cloud of euphoria given the result on Thursday night and the emotion surrounding that win. Yet it seems that some on social media scan the many social media pages, watch the many footy programs and listen to the footy radio, waiting for those that comment and report will sing nothing but the praises of the team and the win.

These same people are disappointed, angry and frustrated that commentators don’t sing the club’s praises. They go down the other path of either not commenting on the game, not saying how great the game and the win were, or give the club a mediocre score on the scoreboard of how each team went after the round. I have to ask myself – why?

I don’t understand this need for some supporters to have their team validated by so-called journalists and commentators as if their positive validation will be the determination of what will mean that the club is a success.

Some are angry that a person such as Kane Cornes on Footy Classified outlined holes in Carlton’s game instead of praising how they fought back. I just got to say it – personally, who cares what he says. You do know he says it to get a reaction, nothing more. He has no legitimacy as an unbiased, intelligent footy commentator.

We all know he hates Carlton, and I should know as I am honoured (yes, I said it) and proud to be a person Mr Cornes has blocked on Twitter because I had the audacity to ask a few years ago that he justify some of his outrageous comments. He did not but just blocked me. This shows that he cannot defend his comments or views with rationale and conviction and only resorts to either blocking a person or insults.

I have no respect, no like, nor a need to listen to him, read what he writes or have any care at all. I seek no validation from an ex-player who believes he is the epitome of what a great football mind embodies. He is not. And that goes for all those in the same realm that he is in.

I will not watch footy shows to seek validation or admonishments from them just because they are on a TV screen or the radio. I, to be perfectly honest, don’t give a toss. Neither should any supporter of any club. If you seek validation about your club’s performance both on and off the field by what you see on the TV, hear on the radio, or read, you do not seek the only place where you should find it – the footy club itself. That is the only place I will watch, listen and read.

I can guarantee you that no one in a club, any club seeks out these commentators for any validation or confirmation about the team’s performance with any legitimacy and as supporters, neither should we. I don’t.
You want validation, look to the club. You want confirmation about where we are heading, look to the club. It is not worth one letter to bemoan the lack of positivity on the TV, radio, media and social media regarding Carlton.

Validation about Carlton comes from the performance the team gave on Thursday night. That is the only place to seek it out. Let the haters hate, for it matters not. Will Smith said, “Haters are the people who will broadcast your failures and whisper your success.”

“My type of validation” Photo courtesy of AFL